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Product Description

The LSP Explorer roof top tent is the perfect combination of light weight design, easy setup and usability.

The Explorer RTT is constructed from premium ripstop canvas, aluminium and UV stabalised plastic, featuring integrated T-slots so mounting all of your accessories is quick and easy.

Internally, the Explorer RTT has storage pockets beside each window, a cargo storage net mounted to the ceiling and telescopic ladder which can be mounted at all of the entry points.

Blanket and sheets can be left inside when closing up, however depending on the thickness and size, pillows may need to be removed.

The rear entry awning has been changed on our production model to also now wrap around the sides to give the side windows protection from sun and rain.

Dimensions –

1300mm wide

2100mm long

200mm thick when closed

65KG total weight including ladder.


We aren’t able to offer freight over the internet, how ever if you need freight please contact the team on 0240888400 and they will be able to arrange.


Pre orders now open with delivery expected early November, after the pre order period the price will go up to the RRP of $2500.00.



The LSP Explorer RTT is made to the highest manufacturing standards to ensure quality and durability.
We offer a 3 year Manufacturing Warranty valid from the date of dispatch from our Warehouse.
Our Warranty does not cover any damage or failure resulting from misuse, abuse, accidental damage, improper installation, Modifications, acts of nature (such as wind, rain, hail, etc.), or any other cause that is not a result of a defect in materials or manufacturing.

Our warranty covers consumers Australia wide only.



After purchasing your LSP Explorer RTT, it’s recommended to season (wet and let dry) the canvas before it’s taken out into the field for its first adventure.

During construction, the canvas material is punctured up to 1000 times along the seams where various pieces are sewn together. This stitching leaves tiny pin holes which are prone to leaking the first few of times they are exposed to water.

Seasoning your new RTT helps mitigate leaking by causing the canvas to expand and contract, which then seals up the holes. Seasoning is a very simple process, which we recommend to be done over a couple of days so that, when done correctly, it will help mitigate a damp and frustrating experience with your RTT.

Some simple steps for you to follow:
1. Open the LSP Explorer RTT to its ready to use state.
2. Get a hose and set the nozzle to ‘shower’ (do not use a pressure hose or jet spray, this can damage the waterproofing treatment on the canvas) and begin to shower over the entire canvas area being sure to give each seam a thorough dousing. You will notice at first the canvas will bead the water, but as time goes on it will start to soak in, especially in the seam areas. Continue this for 3-5 minutes or until the canvas is saturated.
3. In the Open and Secure position allow the canvas to completely dry.
4. Repeat this process two more times occurring over different days for best results, you should notice less and less leaking each time.
5. After wetting for the final time, inspect the inside of the canvas to see if it’s watertight. If there is still water coming through, you may need to apply a seam sealing product like Scotch-Guard or rub a candle on the inside of the seam. to completely waterproof that particular area.
When storing your RTT never pack it away wet or store it in a damp location (if you must pack it away wet, ensure at the earliest and dry conditions you open and dry the entire
Canvas). After weather events we do recommend opening and checking for dampness, if there is evidence of water intrusion – open and dry the Canvas.