LSP Winch ring Kit soft shackle Ultimate 4×4 Recovery

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Product Description

The LSP Aluminium Winch Ring Kit is designed to make every vehicle recovery easier.

The kit includes a winch ring, which is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium ring, that attaches to anchor points such as recovery points on the vehicle, tree trunks, etc.

A 5000kg rated soft shackle and clear top canvas bag.

The winch ring kit is commonly used in off-road and recovery situations where a vehicle needs to be pulled or winched out of a difficult or stuck position. It provides a secure attachment point for the recovery equipment, allowing for controlled winching operations.

The LSP Aluminium Winch Ring Kit is made of aluminum, which offers strength and durability while keeping the weight relatively low. This can be beneficial for off-road enthusiasts who want to minimize the weight added to their vehicles.

When using the winch ring kit, it’s essential to ensure that it is properly attached to a sturdy recovery point on the vehicle, such as a designated tow hook or recovery point. It’s also crucial to follow any applicable safety guidelines to ensure a safe and successful recovery operation.

Winch rings rated to 12T and compatible with 10mm – 14mm winch ropes.

Winch ring colours available –