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Product Description

The Lovells Special Products weight distribution hitch is designed to improve the stability and safety of your vehicle while towing a trailer or caravan. It is a system that helps distribute the weight of the trailers towball more evenly across the towing vehicle and its axles. This technology is particularly valuable when towing heavy loads, as it can enhance the overall towing experience and mitigate potential safety risks.

Advantages of the Lovells weight distribution hitch include:

Improved Towing Stability: One of the primary benefits of this hitch is its ability to distribute the weight of the trailer or caravan more evenly over the towing vehicle’s axles. This reduces the potential for trailer sway, which can be especially dangerous at high speeds or in adverse weather conditions. By providing better balance, the hitch makes the towing experience smoother and more stable.

Enhanced Steering and Braking Control: When the weight of the trailer is evenly distributed, the towing vehicle’s steering and braking control are significantly improved. This means that you can maintain better control of your vehicle while maneuvering and braking, reducing the risk of accidents.

Reduced Tire and Suspension Wear: Uneven weight distribution can lead to increased wear and tear on the tires and suspension of both the towing vehicle and the trailer. The Lovells weight distribution hitch can help extend the lifespan of these components by ensuring that they are subjected to more even pressure and stress.

Greater Comfort and Reduced Driver Fatigue: Improved stability and control while towing lead to a more comfortable driving experience. Reduced driver fatigue means you can travel longer distances without feeling as tired, making long road trips more enjoyable.

Versatile and Adjustable: The LSP weight distribution hitch is are fully adjustable to accommodate various trailer and towing vehicle combinations. This adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of towing applications.

Easy Installation: The LSP weight distribution hitch is designed for relatively straightforward installation, making it accessible to a wide range of users. However, it’s important to ensure proper setup to maximize the benefits of the hitch.

The LSP weight distribution hitch is a valuable accessory for those who regularly tow heavy loads, such as trailers or caravans. It offers increased stability, control, and safety while reducing wear and tear on your vehicle’s components. By using this hitch, you can enhance your towing experience, increase your towing capacity, and make your journeys safer and more comfortable.


Key Features

  • Superior Design
  • Hi Load / Max Lift design promotes full weight distribution
  • Parallel Mounted, the straight bar design results in maximum clearance and ‘Hassle Free’ reversing
  • Quick adjustment with super safe, easy to lock chain lift brackets and soft grip handle.
  • Fitted with grease nipples to ensure quiet operation and reduced friction.
  • Comes fully assembled for quick and easy installation.
  • Australian Standard 50mm 3500KG Towball mount (400lb & 600lb).
  • Rugged Powder Coat Finish

Kit includes:

  • 1 x long drop shank
  • 1 x short drop shank
  • 1 x WDH head
  • 2 x WDH bars with chains
  • 2 x Drawbar brackets
  • 1 x Activation handle
  • 1 x nuts, bolts and washers pack.